Functional Rigs by Quincy: Elevate Your Fitness Across All Dimensions

Welcome to the Functional Rigs section by Quincy, where innovation, design, and functionality converge to redefine the fitness landscape. Featuring three distinct series – Clock, Aquatic Ecosystem, and Cross Competition – each collection is tailored to meet a broad spectrum of training needs, ensuring that every user can find the perfect fit for their fitness journey. Discover the unique features and benefits of each series and how they can transform your approach to functional training.

Clock: The Pinnacle of Time-Based Training

Revolutionary Training Concept

The Clock series stands as a testament to Quincy’s commitment to innovation, introducing a unique time-based training concept that revolutionizes functional workouts. Equipped with the Iron Halo System™, the Clock rigs offer unparalleled flexibility in attaching accessories and components, enabling a wide array of exercises to suit users of all fitness levels.

Designed for Versatility

With its sleek design and state-of-the-art functionality, the Clock series is perfect for those who seek to push their limits through dynamic and varied workouts. Compatible with popular accessories like TRX and Bosu, these rigs allow for endless exercise configurations, making every workout session unique and challenging.

Aquatic Ecosystem:Customizable and Expandable

Aquatic Ecosystem rigs are highly customizable, offering over 50 accessories and configurations to suit individual training needs. Whether it’s for personal use or community fitness projects, these rigs provide a versatile and engaging training experience, adaptable to any space and user requirement.

Cross Competition: Bridging Functionality and Competition

Engineered for Competitive Edge

The Cross Competition series is crafted for those who thrive in the spirit of competition and the pursuit of peak physical performance. These rigs combine functionality with the ruggedness required for high-intensity workouts, making them ideal for both training and competitive events.

Unmatched Exercise Diversity

With a focus on versatility, the Cross Competition rigs support a virtually unlimited range of exercises, catering to athletes and fitness enthusiasts who demand diversity and challenge in their workout regimes. The robust design and compatibility with a wide array of accessories ensure that users can engage in comprehensive strength, agility, and endurance training.

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