IVE MMA Bag for boxing, MMA, and fitness training



Users do not need electricity, air conditioning or heating for outdoor training. All that is needed is the motivation to do it.


Our devices are made of 100% stainless steel, which allows us to completely eliminate other less durable materials.


We are so confident about the quality of our devices that we have established a 10-year commercial warranty to guarantee their integrity. We didn’t only double the industry standards – we extended it over 5 times!


21 YEARS is the guaranteed product life cycle, during which time we will guarantee the availability of all spare parts for our devices.


IVE devices are virtually maintenance-free. A 5-minute session every 6 months will be sufficient to keep your IVE device safe and operational.

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IVE Bag Rack for efficient storage of boxing bags, MMA bags, and strength bags

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MMA Bag: The Ultimate Training Companion for Fighters

Elevate your mixed martial arts (MMA) training to new heights with the MMA Bag, a versatile and robust training tool designed to meet the rigorous demands of MMA athletes. Combining the functionality of a traditional boxing bag with the specialized needs of MMA training, this MMA Bag is your all-in-one solution for striking, conditioning, and technique refinement.

Tailored for MMA Training Excellence

The MMA Bag is engineered specifically for the diverse requirements of MMA training, accommodating a wide range of striking techniques, from punches and kicks to elbows and knees. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the varied impacts of MMA workouts, making it a reliable partner for both amateur and professional fighters.

Versatile Workout Options

Beyond traditional boxing bag workouts, the MMA Bag offers an expanded array of training possibilities. Its design supports the development of striking power, speed, accuracy, and footwork essential for MMA competition. This bag encourages athletes to integrate comprehensive striking strategies into their regimen, enhancing overall fight readiness.

Durable Design for Intensive Use

Crafted with high-quality materials, the MMA Bag stands up to the toughest training sessions. Its resilience against wear and tear guarantees long-term usability, providing fighters with a consistent training experience. The bag’s robust nature ensures that it remains a staple in your training arsenal, session after session.

Enhancing Your Boxing and Striking Skills

While the MMA Bag is tailored for mixed martial arts, it’s equally effective for honing boxing skills. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for athletes looking to improve their boxing technique, offering a dynamic platform for practicing combinations, defense maneuvers, and power shots.

A Comprehensive MMA and Boxing Bag Workout

Incorporating the MMA Bag into your training routine offers a holistic approach to combat sports preparation. It challenges your cardiovascular system, builds muscular endurance, and refines technical skills, all within the context of a single training tool. The MMA Bag is not just about physical conditioning; it’s about crafting a well-rounded fighter capable of dominating in the ring or cage.

Easy Setup for Immediate Training Impact

The MMA Bag is designed for convenience, allowing for quick installation in any training environment, from home gyms to professional facilities. Its adaptability ensures that fighters can begin their training without delay, maximizing their workout time and accelerating progress towards their fighting goals.

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