Discover the Revolutionary Clock Training Concept

Dive into the world of functional fitness with the Clock Training Concept, an innovative series of outdoor equipment designed by Quincy Sport. Conceived in 2011, the Clock line merges passion, technology, and a unique product style, making it a global presence in over 130 countries. This series is specifically tailored to revolutionize the way individuals of all fitness levels engage with functional training, from beginners to professional athletes.

Clock 12 Outdoor: The Ultimate Outdoor Training Station

The Clock 12 Outdoor stands as a beacon of comprehensive fitness, offering a versatile platform for a wide range of exercises. Designed for the great outdoors, this model provides the perfect setting for engaging in functional workouts that cover all fitness levels. Its robust structure and compatibility with popular accessories like TRX and Bosu make it a favorite among fitness enthusiasts seeking a challenge and variety in their routines.

Clock 8 Plus Outdoor: Enhanced Functional Fitness

Elevate your workout experience with the Clock 8 Plus Outdoor, an enhanced version of the original Clock 8 design. This model includes additional features and attachments, expanding the variety of exercises possible. From medium to high-intensity workouts, the Clock 8 Plus Outdoor caters to those looking to push their limits while enjoying the benefits of outdoor training.

Clock 8 Octagon: A Unique Shape for Diverse Workouts

The Clock 8 Octagon introduces a unique octagonal design to the world of functional rigs, offering an innovative approach to fitness. This distinctive shape allows for a broader range of motion and exercise variations, making it ideal for group workouts or individual sessions focused on dynamic, functional movements. Its design encourages creativity in workouts, appealing to the 98% of gym-goers looking for accessible and varied exercise options.

Clock 4: Compact and Versatile Training Solution

For those seeking a more compact functional training solution, the Clock 4 provides an efficient and space-saving design without compromising on the quality of workouts. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, the Clock 4 is perfect for individuals or facilities with limited space but unlimited fitness ambitions. Despite its smaller footprint, it remains fully compatible with a wide array of training accessories, ensuring a versatile workout experience.

Clock Training Concept: Inclusive Fitness for All

The Clock Training Concept stands out for its dedication to inclusivity in fitness. Recognizing that only a small fraction of gym-goers utilize traditional rigs for their intended high-intensity exercises, Quincy Sport designed the Clock line to cater to the vast majority. With hundreds of low and medium difficulty exercises, the Clock products ensure that everyone, from beginners to pros, can enjoy and benefit from functional training.

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