Cross Competition™ Line FUNCTIONAL RIGS: Building the Foundation of Versatility

Cross Competition 12 Outdoor Stainless Steel

The Cross Competition 12 Outdoor, brings unparalleled versatility to your fitness regimen. Its expansive design accommodates multiple users, making it ideal for group workouts and competitive training sessions.

Cross Competition 8 Eye Outdoor Stainless Steel

Innovative and eye-catching, the Cross Competition 8 Eye Outdoor features a unique design that not only enhances functionality but also adds a visual element to any outdoor gym space. Its structure promotes diverse workout routines, from strength training to agility drills.

Cross Competition 7 Wall Mount Outdoor Stainless Steel

Maximize your space with the Cross Competition 7 Wall Mount, a compact yet powerful solution for outdoor fitness. Perfect for facilities with limited space, this model offers the full spectrum of functional training exercises without compromising on quality or durability.

Cross Competition 24 Outdoor Stainless Steel

The Cross Competition 24 Outdoor is the ultimate in outdoor training versatility. With enough room to host a wide array of workout stations, this model is the centerpiece of any large-scale fitness facility or outdoor training area.

CROSS RIGS: Elevating Cross-Training to New Heights

Cross Competition 4′ Outdoor Stainless Steel

Compact yet mighty, the Cross Competition 4′ Outdoor rig is designed for personal or small group training, providing a solid foundation for a multitude of exercises in a space-efficient design.

Cross Competition 10′ Outdoor Stainless Steel

The 10′ model expands on the functionality of the 4′, offering more versatility and the ability to support additional accessories and workout configurations.

Cross Competition 14′ Outdoor Stainless Steel

With an even larger footprint, the 14′ Cross Competition rig caters to more intensive training sessions and a greater variety of exercises, making it perfect for dynamic group workouts.

Cross Competition 24′ Outdoor Stainless Steel

The 24′ Cross Competition rig is a behemoth of outdoor fitness, designed to accommodate large groups and diverse workout routines, making it the ultimate choice for competitive training environments.

WALL MOUNTS: Space-Saving Solutions with Uncompromised Quality

Cross Competition 4′ to 24′ Outdoor Stainless Steel Wall Mounts

The Cross Competition Wall Mounts range from 4′ to 24′ in length, offering scalable solutions that fit perfectly into any outdoor or indoor training space. Each wall mount unit provides a sturdy and reliable platform for a wide range of exercises, from pull-ups to suspension training, ensuring that even facilities with limited space can offer comprehensive training options.

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