Chin Up - Dip - Flying Pull-Up

IVE Chin Up – Dip – Flying Pull-Up Device for developing chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and forearms muscles

A IVE Chin Up – Dip – Flying Pull-Up stations develops chest, back, shouldersbicepstriceps, and forearms muscles.

IVE are recreational stations for outdoor training for every age group and every user level – from teenagers, through adults and seniors, to professionals.



Performing chin-ups, dips, and flying pull-ups on the IVE Chin Up – Dip – Flying Pull-Up Device


Quincy Cross Competition Power Racks in the basic version are made of polished stainless steel, thanks to which we obtain a beautiful and extremely durable structure. The lack of additional varnishing also allows the product to maintain a perfect appearance for as long as possible, because in this way we eliminate all possible mechanical damage to the varnish coatings that can always occur in public utility products.

However, at the customer’s request, we varnish our products in all available RAL CLASSIC colors and colors with the “HAMMER” structure.

In example below there is a QR Code link to the website, which shows all available RAL colors.




Users do not need electricity, air conditioning or heating for outdoor training. All that is needed is the motivation to do it.


Our devices are made of 100% stainless steel, which allows us to completely eliminate other less durable materials.


We are so confident about the quality of our devices that we have established a 10-year commercial warranty to guarantee their integrity. We didn’t only double the industry standards – we extended it over 5 times!


21 YEARS is the guaranteed product life cycle, during which time we will guarantee the availability of all spare parts for our devices.


IVE devices are virtually maintenance-free. A 5-minute session every 6 months will be sufficient to keep your IVE device safe and operational.

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Chin Up – Dip – Flying Pull-Up: The Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Station

Elevate your outdoor training experience with the Chin Up – Dip – Flying Pull-Up station, a multifunctional fitness powerhouse designed to transform any outdoor gym into a comprehensive workout paradise. This innovative station combines the classic efficiency of chin-up and dip exercises with the dynamic challenge of a flying pull-up bar, offering a holistic approach to strength and endurance training.

Mastering Upper Body Strength

The Chin Up – Dip – Flying Pull-Up station is meticulously engineered to target key upper body muscle groups, including the abdominal muscles, chest, triceps, biceps, and more. By incorporating chin-ups, dips, and flying pull-ups into your routine, you engage in a full spectrum of exercises that promote muscle growth, increase endurance, and enhance overall upper body strength.

Dynamic Outdoor Training

Designed for the great outdoors, this station takes advantage of the natural environment to inspire and challenge users. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to diversify your workout or a beginner aiming to build foundational strength, the outdoor setting provides a refreshing and motivating backdrop for your training sessions.

Versatile Workout Options

The Chin Up – Dip – Flying Pull-Up station offers an array of workout possibilities. Chin-ups and pull-ups refine and strengthen the back, shoulders, and arm muscles, while dips focus on the chest, triceps, and shoulders. The addition of the flying pull-up bar introduces a dynamic and challenging element to the workout, testing your grip strength, coordination, and upper body power.

A Hub for Community Fitness

As a standout piece among recreational stations, this equipment serves not just individual fitness goals but also fosters a sense of community. Located in public parks or outdoor gyms, it encourages group workouts, friendly challenges, and social interactions, making fitness a shared and enjoyable pursuit.

Comprehensive Muscle Engagement

The Chin Up – Dip – Flying Pull-Up station is more than just a piece of outdoor gym equipment; it’s a comprehensive fitness tool. The variety of exercises it supports ensures balanced muscle training, focusing on the abdominal muscles for core stability, chest muscles for upper body strength, and arm muscles for endurance and power.

Built for Durability and Accessibility

Crafted with durability in mind, the station withstands the elements, ensuring long-lasting performance for countless outdoor workouts. Its design is intuitive and accessible, inviting users of all fitness levels to explore their physical potential and progress at their own pace.

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