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IVE Box Bag for boxing, MMA, and fitness training



Users do not need electricity, air conditioning or heating for outdoor training. All that is needed is the motivation to do it.


Our devices are made of 100% stainless steel, which allows us to completely eliminate other less durable materials.


We are so confident about the quality of our devices that we have established a 10-year commercial warranty to guarantee their integrity. We didn’t only double the industry standards – we extended it over 5 times!


21 YEARS is the guaranteed product life cycle, during which time we will guarantee the availability of all spare parts for our devices.


IVE devices are virtually maintenance-free. A 5-minute session every 6 months will be sufficient to keep your IVE device safe and operational.

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IVE Bag Rack for efficient storage of boxing bags, MMA bags, and strength bags

Bag Rack


Boxing Bag: Your Essential Partner in Box Training

Dive into the world of boxing with the Boxing Bag, a premium quality training tool designed to elevate your boxing skills, endurance, and strength. Whether you’re a seasoned boxer or just beginning your journey in the sport, the Boxing Bag is the perfect companion for a comprehensive boxing bag workout, offering durability, versatility, and the right level of resistance to meet all your training needs.

Unleash Your Potential with Every Punch

The Boxing Bag is meticulously crafted to withstand the toughest punches, making it an ideal choice for athletes aiming to improve their power, speed, and accuracy. Its robust design ensures it can absorb impact effectively, providing a realistic boxing experience that mimics the resistance encountered in an actual bout.

Durable Design for Endless Workouts

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Boxing Bag is built to last. It’s designed to endure repeated use, ensuring your training sessions remain uninterrupted and productive. The durable outer material resists wear and tear, guaranteeing your investment remains in prime condition, workout after workout.

Enhance Your Boxing Bag Workout

Incorporating the Boxing Bag into your fitness routine not only sharpens your boxing skills but also provides an intense cardiovascular workout. Hitting a boxing bag is an effective way to boost heart rate, burn calories, and improve overall fitness, making it a fantastic addition to any workout regimen.

A Staple in Boxing Bag Training

The Boxing Bag is an essential piece of equipment in the arsenal of any boxer. It allows for a full range of punches and combinations, offering a resistance that challenges you to push harder and improve with each session. It’s a fundamental tool that supports the growth of both amateur and professional athletes in the sport of boxing.

Easy Setup for Immediate Training

Setting up the Boxing Bag is straightforward, allowing you to start training almost immediately. Whether installed in a home gym, garage, or a professional training facility, it offers a convenient and effective way to practice boxing techniques and enhance physical conditioning without the need for a partner.

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