Multi Barbell

A IVE Multi Barbell device develops quads, glutes, hips, calves, and back muscles.

IVE are recreational devices for outdoor training for every age group and every user level – from
teenagers, through adults and seniors, to professionals.

IVE devices have an innovative solution of load regulation, thanks to which adjusting the weight
to your training capabilities is extremely simple, fast, and safe.




IVE devices in the basic version are made of polished stainless steel, thanks to which we obtain a beautiful and extremely durable structure. The lack of additional varnishing also allows the product to maintain a perfect appearance for as long as possible, because in this way we eliminate all possible mechanical damage to the varnish coatings that can always occur in public utility products.

However, at the customer’s request, we varnish our products in all available RAL CLASSIC colors and colors with the “HAMMER” structure.

In example below there is a QR Code link to the website, which shows all available RAL colors.





User height

User age

Safety area




Weight adjustment

199 cm / 6’6’’

98 cm / 3’3’’

102 cm / 3’4’’

+ 140 cm / 4’7’’

+ 13 years

19.86 m² / 213.77 ft²

Stainless Steel

EN 16630:2015-06E

CE / EU Declaration of Conformity

5 kg - 120 kg (x 5 kg) / 10 lbs - 260 lbs (x 10 lbs)



Users do not need electricity, air conditioning or heating for outdoor training. All that is needed is the motivation to do it.


Our devices are made of 100% stainless steel, which allows us to completely eliminate other less durable materials.


We are so confident about the quality of our devices that we have established a 10-year commercial warranty to guarantee their integrity. We didn’t only double the industry standards – we extended it over 5 times!


21 YEARS is the guaranteed product life cycle, during which time we will guarantee the availability of all spare parts for our devices.


IVE devices are virtually maintenance-free. A 5-minute session every 6 months will be sufficient to keep your IVE device safe and operational.


A device for Multi Barbell training which develops quads, glutes, hips, calves, and back muscles.

  1. Made entirely of stainless steel.

  2. Load adjustment by moving the discs along pipes arranged perpendicularly and centrally in the axis of the exercising person.

  3. Adjustable load from 5 kg to 120 kg with a difference of 5 kg.

  4. Discs are protected against theft by the use of anti-theft screws, which require special tools to be removed.

  5. The movement of the device is based on the mechanism of two stainless steel bearings.

  6. Instruction plates made of 3 mm thick dibond, printed in UV technology, laminated with polyurethane.

  7. Possibility to set the starting position at 5 different heights.

  8. Dimensions: length 199 cm / width 98 cm / height 102 cm.

  9. Accuracy class: A – high accuracy.

  10. Class of use: S – for professional or commercial use.

Introduction to Outdoor Lower Body Training: The IVE Multi Barbell Device

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The Outdoor Squat Experience: Merging Fitness with Nature

Indulge in an outdoor squat workout as you soak in the fresh air and natural scenery, a stark and refreshing contrast to the enclosed spaces of traditional gyms. The IVE Squat device is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a gateway to achieving your fitness goals amidst the natural ambiance.

Unmatched Adaptability and Durability: Elevating Your Fitness Regimen

Whether you’re a fitness professional seeking the best squat machine to elevate your training regimen or someone embarking on a fitness journey, the adaptability and durability of our squat machine are unmatched. The IVE Squat device is not just about squats; it’s about promoting a holistic approach to fitness, integrating a challenging workout with the serene outdoors.

Joining the Fitness Revolution: Transforming Lower Body Strength with the IVE Squat Device

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